Unsafe: Behind India’s Rape Crisis

Worldwide at least 35% of women have experienced different forms of physical and mental abuses.
In india as reported by the National Crime Records Bureau, a woman is raped every six hours and at least ‘2% of girls in the country have been sexually abused.
Also what appear is that reported rapes of minor children had more than doubled between 2012 and 2018.
Across all rape cases, 95% of rapist were not strangers, but family, friends and neighbors.
This violence negatively affects women and children’s physical, mental and sexual health: they suffer isolation, inability to work, loss of wages, lack of participation in regular activities and limited ability to care for themselves.
Even if the Indian legislation is trying to makes its judicial system more efficient and to set stronger penalties for rapists, most of the cases are still unreported and most of the victims are still waiting for justice.

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