I am a freelance photographer based in Italy, specializing in reportage photography.

My passion for photography was sparked after obtaining a degree in Political Science, and since then, I have devoted myself to this art form.

From 2017 to 2019, I collaborated with NGOs and local organizations in India, documenting stories focused on gender-based violence and human rights. I documented stories of women and girls who were victims of sexual violence, shedding light on this critical issue. My reportage, titled “Unsafe: Behind India’s Rape Crisis,” is a long-term project that I will continue to work on in the coming years.

Since 2020, my work has focused on the dialogue between the environment and human beings, with a particular emphasis on social and environmental sustainability issues.

In 2020, I won the Italian Sustainability Photo Award with an image from the reportage “A Sustainable Way to the Sky,” documenting high-altitude sustainability.
In Italy, I have documented sustainable agricultural solutions independent of land, exploring potential solutions for the future, such as hydroponic techniques, underwater gardens, and the reuse of coffee grounds as a substitute for fertile soil. These solutions suggest that it is possible to cultivate without arable land.

In recent years, my work has expanded to focus on environmental issues related to climate change and the struggles of indigenous peoples to preserve their lands.
Since 2022, I have been working in the Amazon region, documenting the relationship of indigenous peoples with the forest along the border between Colombia, Brazil, and Peru.

My works have been featured in prestigious publications such as Vanity Fair, BBC Science Focus, Leben Jetzt Magazine, Harvard Business Manager, K Magazine, and Luz Agency.

With my passion for storytelling through photography, I strive to raise awareness and inspire change through my work.

2023 Julia Margaret Cameron Award – Finalist 

2021 Winner Italian Sustainability Photo Award – ISPA AWARD Single Photo Winner

2017 MIA PHOTO FAIR section ”PROPOSTA MIA- Emerging talents”

2016 Sotheby’s Auction ( Milan )

2016 ”Still Wonders”, Personal exhibition, Broletto di Novara

2016 ”ARTE A PALAZZO” XII International exhibition of Sculpture, Painting and Photography – Galleria Farini Concept, Bologna

2016 Exhibition – San Salvario District -Fashion Air&Craft, Turin

2015 Chosen as artist for ”Art Exhibition BIENNALE DELLA FOTOGRAFIA – LO STATO DELL’ARTE” curated by Vittorio Sgarbi

2015 Honorable Mention Mobile Photography Award in Food&Beverage Category and in Macro&Details Category

2014 Review of contemporary art “Profile of time” Photographic display of four artists

2014 ARTEPUBBLICA Photographic collection, Ex-prison, Turin

2013 Personal Showing at Showroom Etage, Turin

2013 Participation in Paratissima PIX TORINO EX MOI Chosen as artist for PARAPHOTO’ EMERGING TALENTS

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